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 "Professional auto interior repair's & detailing for all makes and models "

Auto Interior Detailing | Upholstery Repair Brooklyn, New York

Leather-Vinyl | Seat Repairs

Does your vehicle's interior look as if there was literally a cat-fight in your car? Renew your car interior with services from Reflash Interior.  I specialize in vinyl and leather repair for burns, tears, and scuffs in dashboards, seats, steering wheels, armrests, and door panels.


Using state-of-the-art technology and my skills, I eliminate signs of aging and damage, leaving your vehicle's interior surfaces and upholstery looking like new. 


 I also perform special services, check out our special offer's for Auto Interior Detailing and Odor Removal for vehicles that uses ultra-pure Chlorine Dioxide Technology, approved by the OMRI as well as the FDA and EPA . In fact, anyone with property to clean and restore to a hygienic condition can benefit from using the Selectrocide cleaning process.

 Improve your vehicle's appearance with leather repair and other car interior services from my mobile service in Brooklyn, New York.

Detailed Care for Your Car's Interior

Featuring Leather Seat Repair Service

I founded Reflash Interior to provide customers with high-quality leather repair, velour, and vinyl repair for upholstery and other car interior surfaces.

New Life for Your Car

Renew Your Car Interior Carpet

Don't junk your vehicle just because its interior needs a little work. I can refurbish armrest, dashboards, plastic trims, seats, and detail carpets so that you'll be proud of your car's appearance once again. 

When you call me, you receive detailed work done in a timely manner at affordable rates.
Because I provide mobile service, I save you time and money on driving.


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